The life style at Lake Grande is of a high status, with future residents being to be a people of class. This is because they are places in the area that will enable you to live a super life style. The design of this residential itself dictates the life it wants for its residents, not just a life of constant struggle on the contrary is a life full of excitement and Excellency. After all life is too short to be anything than happy.

Features that promote a classic lifestyle at Lake Grande

Jurong library

This insinuates that the place belongs to people with liberal minds. They also value education. It is for this reason why this library has been put in place to meet the standards of the expected residents.

Jurong East Stadium

Athletics fun have a place where they can enjoy life by indulging in sports activities. This stadium have classic seats where the spectators can find comfort, and its just a few miles away from Lake Grande. If you have passion for athletics be assured to find satisfaction at Jurong East Stadium.

Jurong Central Park

This is a large and beautiful public garden used for recreational activities, in close proximity to Lake Grande. You don’t have to roam around searching for a public garden. For the one in question is most ideal, it have all it takes to make your day.

Fairway club

This is the best club in the area, offering more than you can ever ask for. You will never regret a day out at this fairway club. You can be sure it is a major reason behind the classic lifestyle the residents of the Lake Grande will lead.

Jurong lake gardens

The gardens have integrated Japanese garden, Chinese garden and Jurong Lake Park. They have such a serene environment and a relaxing effect to each occupant. Thus upgrading the life style at this place.